About me

I am a PhD student in the QUVA lab at the University of Amsterdam supervised by Yuki Asano and Cees Snoek. My research interests are: video understanding, self-supervised and multi-modal learning.

Before, I completed my master’s degree in physics at Heidelberg University. During this time, I worked on generative models for (controlled) video synthesis under the supervision of Kosta Derpanis and Björn Ommer. I also completed an internship at AWS AI focussing on contrastive video representation learning.


  • [Apr 10, 2022] One paper accepted to CVPR22 L3D-IVU workshop.
  • [Jul 23, 2021] One paper accepted to ICCV21.
  • [Mar 15, 2021] Excited to join AWS AI as an research intern this summer.
  • [Mar 01, 2021] Three papers accepted to CVPR21.
  • [Feb 22, 2021] One article accepted at Nature Machine Intelligence.